Top 10 Healthiest Vegetables

10 – Eggplant

vegetarians no eggplants high fiber content makes it a hearty veggie with its practically non-existent fat and calorie counts it’s a great weight loss tool as long as you don’t smother it in Parmesan cheese eggplants also have heart-healthy components potassium which can help reduce strokes and dementia and antioxidants that prevent damage to brain cells so put this purple plant in your plan.


9 – Beets

the nutrient that makes beets red helps fight cancer and lower the risk of heart disease while beets folate helps pregnant ladies metabolize amino acids low-fat locale high fiber and high carb beets keep your a body fueled blood sugar levels normal and digestive system healthy potassium magnesium and manganese keep everything running properly as well but believe it or not beet greens contain more nutrients than the root.


8 – Asparagus

love it or hate it asparagus ranks high as a free radical-fighting powerhouse a low-cal source of potassium protein fiber and folate asparagus is known for it’s cleansing properties which means it makes you go number one and number two with vitamins A b6 C and K cardiovascular health and immunity receive a boost and iron keeps the oxygen flowing plus some researchers claim it helps hangovers.


7 – Alfalfa sprouts

rod dieters know sprouts are full of plant-based proteins and unlike the also important beans and peas they don’t need to be cooked to be enjoyed they’re bursting with antioxidants and can help with anything from heart disease and cancer to osteoporosis and menopause their fiber helps you feel fuller longer plus them boast nutrients like calcium potassium zinc and manganese and a bunch of vitamins between a and K.


6 – Carrots

we’ve heard the old wives tale carrots are good foresight is it true beta-carotene makes carrots orange and humans metabolize it into vitamin A which in turn keeps eyes skin and hair healthy carrots vitamin C keeps cardiovascular systems running smoothly and promotes iron absorption while vitamin K ensures your blood clots various other nutrients and minerals are Mother Nature’s Way of preventing problems from cataracts to cancers.


5 – Dark green vegetables

whether it’s leafy greens like spinach Swiss chard or kale or cruciferous vegetable Brussel sprouts they’re lean green disease-fighting machines their folate is great during pregnancy while antioxidants and phytonutrients help against colds and cancers the iron calcium magnesium potassium and vitamins in dark greens promote overall health but broccoli is especially talented at preventing stomach lung and rectal cancers and type-2 diabetes.


4 – Tomatoes

locale but nutrient-dense a tomato’s a most impressive feature is lycopene which protects against breast colon lung skin and prostate cancers reduce cholesterol and regulates blood pressure besides fiber and heart-healthy nutrients vitamins like a which helps skin and eyes see which fights infection and maintains connective tissue and ke which prevents osteoporosis make tomatoes indispensable technically they’re a fruit but call us when you have one for dessert.


3 – Bell peppers

these yummy veggies are also called capsicum or sweet peppers red ones are healthiest with more lycopene carotene and vitamins a b c and k those prevent cancers and keep teeth gums and eyesight in tip-top shape inflammation from arthritis and asthma and age-related diseases don’t stand a chance against their antioxidants and fiber potassium and manganese is a few more of this super foods benefit.


2 – Sweet potatoes

smokers and diabetics can benefit from eating this vegetable vitamin A protects against emphysema while a low glycemic index rating keeps insulin levels normal sweet potatoes also crush other veggies and nutrient density with more fiber protein and complex carb content plus anti-cancer vitamins A and C iron and calcium beta carotene targets free radicals vitamins and antioxidants fight inflammation and heart disease and potassium lowers blood pressure.

1 – Allium foods

adding flavorful and healthful properties to meals the Allium family includes leeks chives garlic and onions famous and herbal medicine both onions and garlic both antibiotic advantages increase immunity and fight inflammation while garlic is used to treat coughs and colds alliums also balanced cholesterol levels help prevent hardened arteries lower BP and fight certain cancers and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s.