The health benefits of a smoothie

With their pretty colors and creamy, smooth texture, detox smoothies have it all. But what if they were as healthy as they were beautiful to look at? We have investigated, and provided us with an update!

1. What are detox smoothies?

Smoothies (from the English “soft” or “smooth”) are juices that are made by mixing raw and fresh fruits and/or vegetables. We can also add other ingredients to bring a little flavor or color to our smoothies! For example :

aromatic herbs (mint, basil, parsley, etc.)
spices (curry, paprika, cumin, cinnamon …)
other liquids (water, cow’s milk, vegetable milk, etc.)
As smoothies are clearly on the rise among girls looking for a slightly healthier lifestyle, there is no shortage of recipes today. And besides, with a little imagination, a basket of fresh fruits and vegetables, and a good blender, it is quite possible to create your own smoothie recipes!

2. What is the difference between juices?

These smoothies are made in the blender, cold, not the extractor. This way, we keep the fibers of organic fruits and vegetables for a smoother texture. Juices are a vitamin turbo boost; smoothies, it allows you to be more full thanks to the fiber and good fatty acids, but always with many vitamins and minerals.

3. The health benefits of smoothies:

if smoothies have become so popular, it’s not just because, with their pretty colors, they look too good on Instagram (although it must be admitted that it helps!). This is primarily because these juices made from fresh fruits and vegetables are packed with health benefits. Indeed :

Smoothies make it easy to consume the famous 5 fruits and vegetables a day in a more fun and practical way (they can be transported to go to work) … and whatever the time of day.

Thanks to smoothies, we stock up on fiber, vitamins, minerals, antioxidants … Moreover, the nutritional value of smoothies is even greater if we mix fruits and vegetables with their skin!

Detox smoothies, made with fruits and vegetables with purifying properties, are really great allies to help us eliminate the waste and toxins that clutter our body.

Rich in water and fiber, smoothies are drinks that are excellent natural appetite suppressants … and that is better for your health than soda or coffee!

Likewise, thanks to their high fiber content, smoothies often prove to be real digestion aids.

Note that the latest fad in terms of smoothies is green smoothies, drinks made with green vegetables (spinach, chard, kale, etc.) whose chlorophyll content would do wonders on vitality, sleep, and energy!

The fatty acids in coconut oil have the particularity of being directly usable by the body. Suddenly, they are not stored and do not make you fat. Coconut water is very hydrating, it contains a lot of minerals. Raspberries have one of the highest mineral densities for fresh fruit. It is rich in anthocyanins: its red pigments with antioxidant properties that help limit cellular aging and improve the elasticity of the skin.

Beets are one of the vegetables with the best antioxidant power, and also one of the best sources of iron. Bananas: its richness in vitamins B6 and B9 make it an excellent source of antioxidants that help fight the harmful effects of stress. Its high magnesium content is excellent for the nervous system. Almond milk is a mine of vitamin E, an excellent antioxidant: it is loaded with calcium, iron, magnesium, and potassium. In addition, its fiber helps protect the walls of the intestine.

Spinach: a source of folic acid and B vitamins. These elements are crucial for the protection of the cardiovascular system and the good health of the nervous system. Chlorophyll present in large amounts has excellent detoxifying properties of the digestive system. Finally, the date – very rich in minerals and fibers – allows a slow release of energy.

Smoothie Madness: What to Keep in Mind:

Even though detox smoothies have all the good points, that doesn’t mean they should become our only way to consume vegetables and fruit, or that we need to drink smoothies all day long to be in good shape and stay in shape.

Indeed, juices, due to their liquid state, provide much less satiety feeling than solid foods (which must be chewed). In addition, even if the skin of vegetables and fruits is rich in nutrients, we must not forget that certain vegetables (such as tomatoes or spinach) are much more nutritious when cooked than raw.

Well-chosen fruits and vegetables added to vegetable milks, this gives a very powerful little bottle to take with you!

For who?

Those who are not hungry at breakfast time because “it’s too early! »And who die of hunger at 10 am, those who are hungry at 11 am and who exercise before lunch, for children, teenagers (and adults) who drink soda regularly…